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Combs Concrete Construction powers the commercial, industrial and residential construction industries in the Carolinas by providing quality work and guaranteed services.
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Commercial Concrete Construction

Combs Concrete Construction services large and small commercial contractors with their needs and projects ranging from government buildings, office retail space, institutions of education, restaurants, government municipalities, apartment complexes, healthcare facilities, parking decks and sports facilities. We specialize in all aspects of concrete construction, both vertical and horizontal.

Our services include but are not limited to slab on grade, slab on metal deck, cast in place walls, tilt up walls, concrete paving just to name a few. We are certified in pervious concrete, which is a great alternative for water shed issues. Combs Concrete Construction is also a certified DOT contractor.

We take great pride in taking on unique and challenging projects that can range in various degrees of difficulty.


Residential Concrete Construction

Combs Concrete Construction services large track builders along with a group of quality custom home builders. We also make it a point to continue to service individuals with concrete repairs, such as driveway tear out and replacement and additions, which can often be a challenge for them to get a qualified contractor for smaller jobs.

Our residential scope of work ranges from turnkey footings, poured concrete basements, monolithic slabs, driveways and patios.  We are also certified in Pervious concrete, which is a great alternative for water shed issues.

Combs Concrete Construction is the first concrete contractor to bring poured in place basement walls to the residential market in the greater Charlotte area.  This provides a superior commercial application over block basements.


Industrial Concrete Construction

Combs Concrete Construction services the industrial market with unlimited volume from small to large projects. Our scope of work in this market includes but not limited to power plant facilities, industrial warehouses, infrastructure, cast in place headwalls, heavy foundations, pipe encasements, concrete paving, box culverts, concrete flumes and ditches, and lined retention basins.  We are also a certified DOT contractor.

Over the years Combs Concrete Construction has been successful in completing industrial projects throughout the Carolinas while maintaining a safe environment. Our safety program and records have allowed us to be successful in this market and is top priority to continue our success.

Our Legacy

Combs Concrete Construction Company was founded in 1955 by Ray Combs after serving his civil duties in the U.S. Army.  He built the company in the greater Dayton/Miamisburg Ohio area, specializing in poured concrete basements, stem walls, footing and flatwork.  Due to extreme weather and economic conditions in the late 1970s, Combs Concrete Construction relocated south.  In 1982, Ray and his family settled the company in Charlotte, NC where they began a journey to rebuild Combs Concrete Construction with only a pickup truck, a backhoe, two sets of wall forms and a 2nd generation.

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At Combs Concrete Construction, we consider every employee family and strive to ensure they are set up for success every day.  We continuously evaluate our work practices and safety procedures to maximize the quality and efficiency of our work.  Our goal is to provide a safe environment for our employees as well as those around us.

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We support our veterans

It is an honor to live in this great country.  We feel it is our duty to give back to those who have sacrificed much so we as citizens can enjoy our freedoms.  Hiring veterans and semi-active service people is a great honor and with the confidence and work ethic our military teaches, these individuals have become valuable assets to our company.  Our founder, Ray Combs, who was a veteran of the US Army, took great pride in his country and instilled this belief within our company.